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Home : Support : Frequently Asked Questions : FAQ Question #29

How can people send me text messages through Scribbld?

Only Paid and Permanent accounts can receive text messages. Depending on their text message settings, anyone (or any authorized user) can send those users text messages. To check your account type, please see your profile page.
→ More information on account levels → Paid Account benefits

Paid, and Permanent accounts can receive text messages sent via Scribbld without sharing their phone number directly. If the text messaging feature is set up, anyone (or any authorized user) can use Scribbld to send text messages to your cellular phone or pager by following a link on your User Info page.

Scribbld does not charge for sending or receiving messages. However, your phone or pager service provider may charge for each text message you receive. Please check with your service provider for information on text messaging fees.

Sending Text Messages

If a user has text messaging enabled and you are authorized to send them messages, a section labeled "Text Message" will appear on their User Info page (http://exampleusername.Scribbld.com/profile). You can click the link there to reach a form where you type in the text message. If you are logged into a Scribbld account, the "From" field will automatically be filled in with your username. Otherwise you should fill in this field with a name to identify yourself. You can then type your message in the "Message" field and click the "Send Message!" button.

Setting Text Messaging Options

You can set your text messaging options in the "Text Messaging" section of the Edit Profile page. Select your supported cellphone provider from the dropdown menu, enter your full phone number, and select a security level to determine who can use Scribbld to send you text messages.

The security levels are:

  • Everybody: all visitors, even if not logged into Scribbld
  • Registered Users: only people who are logged into Scribbld
  • Friends only: only people you put on your Friends list
  • Nobody: disables text messaging entirely

Troubleshooting and Requesting Additional Providers

Any problems you experience with using the text messaging feature should be reported by opening a support request in the "Mobile Features" category. You should also open a support request in this category if your text messaging provider isn't supported by Scribbld, and you wish to request that it be added. Please do not include your actual phone number in the support request, as this will delay the proper handling of the request.

The text message development team will be happy to add your service if you provide the necessary information listed below. You may need to help with testing, which typically involves receiving one or more text messages and providing feedback.

If you receive text messages via email, you must include:

  • The name of the service (be specific);
  • The format of the email address used to send messages;
  • Any limit on the length of the name of the sender, the subject, and the message
  • Any other information you may have

If you receive text messages via a web page, you must include:

  • The name of the service (be specific)
  • The URL of the page, preferably of the receiving script
  • The format used to address the recipient (for instance, phone number or username)
  • Any limit on the length of the name of the sender, the subject, and the message
  • Any extra fields that need to be submitted
  • Any other information you may have

If your provider requires users to log in before sending a text message, it cannot be supported. You will need to speak with your provider to determine whether there are any other ways that you can receive PC-to-phone text messages through their systems.

Last Updated:
January 13th, 2008 (jimmy)


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