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Current Pictures

Here are the userpics for [info]walter. Get notified when they upload a new one.
Keywords: [dark] habitual
Keywords: [dark] master of puppets
Keywords: [dark] stoic
Keywords: [young] BYE
Keywords: [dark] reap what you sow
Keywords: [dark] indignation
Keywords: [dark] dispassionate
Keywords: [dark] retrospect
Keywords: [dark] impassive
Keywords: [young] black & white
Keywords: [young] who gives a shiteeee
Keywords: [old] spot of tea?
Keywords: [old] to protect
Keywords: [old] p_o
Keywords: [old] glint
Keywords: [old] before the window
Keywords: [old] comfort
Keywords: [old] side-by-side
Keywords: [young] well THAT'S just great.
Keywords: [young] ...
Keywords: [table] islands
Keywords: [dark] introspect
Keywords: [dark] the devil smirks
Keywords: [dark] side-long
Keywords: [young] >:)
Keywords: [young] displeased
Keywords: [young] red ; intense
Keywords: [young] cheeky
Keywords: [young] profile
Keywords: [young] ffffffffuck!!
Keywords: [young] oho?
Keywords: [dark] .../stare
Keywords: [old] happier days
Keywords: [dark] K I L L
Keywords: [dark] heavenly
Keywords: [dark] lovesong
Keywords: [dark] shellshock
Keywords: [dark] neon
Keywords: [young] servitude
Keywords: [dark] "i stand here as myself."
Keywords: [young] ruffle
Keywords: [dark] outburst
Keywords: [dark] heartfelt
Keywords: [dark] leisure
Keywords: [young] dominated
Keywords: [dark] cig

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