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Current Pictures

Here are the userpics for [info]strawberrytea. Get notified when they upload a new one.
Keywords: KLLN : tie in the mouth
♛ outboxx - I'm addicted to kissing and hugging touching and rubbing i'm a sucker for love
Keywords: YOKO : alone
[info]destructive - It's gonna take a long time to love it's gonna take a lot to hold on it's going to be a long way
Keywords: SETO : stress
♛ colorfancy - I walked a minute in your shoes, they never would've fit I figured there's nothing to lose, I need to get
Keywords: YOKO : happy
♛ diamondeyess - I don't know what this girl was after she's a natural natural disaster she's so sexy I had to have her
Keywords: KLLN : annoyed
♛ dropturn - It's you that ought to be holding me I'm not containable This turns up it's not sustainable I ain't freakin
Keywords: KLLN : what the fuck
♛ dropturn - Hold me and love just wanna touch you for a minute maybe three seconds is enough for my heart to quit it
Keywords: LULU : disintrested
♛ larcrymoisty - What a shame we all became such fragile broken things a memory reamins just a tiny spark I give it all
Keywords: LULU : breaks in two
[info]sehnsucht - Talk to me I'm throwing myself in front of you this could be the last mistake that I could
Keywords: KLLN : waiting
♛ ipsius - If you want to I can save you I could take you away from here so lonely outside so busy out there and all you
Keywords: KLLN : shy
♛ molested - And I'll never give myself to another the way I gave it to you don't even recognize the ways you hit me
Keywords: KALU : at the end he breaks
[info]strawberrytea - He drowns in his dreams an exquisite extreme I know he's as damned as he seems and more
Keywords: LULU : nyah
♛ pocketflask - Cause we all just wanna be big rockstars and live in hill top houses driving sixtreen cars the girls
Keywords: KLLN : cry restrained
♛ parle - Scars feel like knives they tell us why we're fighting storm wait outside oh love hold us together love save
Keywords: LULU : dance
♛ molested - Oh shit shake that ass ma move it like a gypsy stop whoa back it up now let me see your hips swing now drop
Keywords: SETO : my name is fuck you
♛ sakebi - In this context, there's no disrespect, so, when I bust my rhyme, you break your necks we got five minutes
Keywords: LULU : die in a fire
♛ sharp_pastels - Oh no the fights out i'm about to punch your lights out get the fuck back gaurd yo grill move bitch
Keywords: SHNA : what are you seven
♛ deviator - So tired of you being up in my space how much more can I take I'm tired of privates driving me
Keywords: SETO : face latch
♛ colorfancy - Lets see how far we've come lets see how far we've come because I beleive the world is burning to the gro
Keywords: SETO : eating cake
♛ colorfancy - I'm bringing sexy back them other boys don't know how to act so turn around and I'll pick up the slack
Keywords: SHNA : sweatdrop
♛ deviator - I could be fake I could be stupid you know I could be just like you I could be mean I could be angry
Keywords: ZESH : secrets
♛ deviator - I'm gonna tear your ass up like we just got married and you're all mine now tonight is the night we've been
Keywords: KLLN : what's your problem
♛ dropturn - I dare you to move I dare you to lift yourself up of the floor I dare you to move like today never happened
Keywords: LULU : panic
♛ molested - How do you stay awake knowing all I do is think of you all the things we thought about that never will
Keywords: LULU : courtyard
♛ sundry_icons - There's a song that's inside of my soul it's the one that I've tried over and over again I'm awake in
Keywords: KLLN : seated
♛ molested - For one so small you seem so strong my arms will hold you keep you safe and warm this bond between us can't
Keywords: LULU : tired of this fuckery
♛ wowkaboom - Break out break out as we escape through the windows head for the car and never look back singing singing
Keywords: LULU : cry chibi
♛ molested - When it all comes down to a sunrise on the east side will you be there to carry home the remains of my wast
Keywords: LULU : asshat
[info]kiokushitaka - Fell out of bed butterfly bandage but don't worry you'll never remember your head is far to
Keywords: LULU : breaking down
♛ parle - I found a way to let you in but I never really had a doubt standing in the light of your halo I got it all fi
Keywords: KLLN : waiting for you
♛ ipsius - And I want to get free talk to me I can fear you falling and I won't tempt to be all you need somewhere here
Keywords: KLLN : upsetting
♛ winnar - Where did I go wrong I lost a friend somewhere along in the bitterness and I'd stay up with you all night had
Keywords: KALU : kallen tops
♛ ipsius - Take off your shoes come into the room and baby let's try not to argue turn out the lights turn on the radio
Keywords: SANJ : heart hat
♛ radiopowered - Well somebody told me that you had a boyfriend that looked like a girlfriend that I had in Februray of
Keywords: MEG : oh really
♛ swingycons - I can't take it what am I waiting for my heart's still breaking I miss you even more and I hate you
Keywords: LULU : boredom
♛ winnar - Stranger than your sympathy this is my appology I killed myself from the inside out and all my fears have pus
Keywords: KLLN : please pick up
♛ ipsius - I'm looking at you through the glass don't know how much time has passed oh god it feels like forever but no
Keywords: LULU : hat
♛ parle - It's too bad too bad it's too late so wrong so long it's too bad we had no time to rewind let's walk let's
Keywords: KLLN : looking back
♛ ipsius - So baby I will wait for you because I don't know what else I can do don't tell me I've run out of time
Keywords: KLLN : when i grow up
[info]sehnsucht - Now I've got a confession when I was young I wanted attention and I promised myself that I'd
Keywords: LULU : confused
♛ powercorrupts - Now I think we're taking this too far don't you know that it's not this hard well it's not this hard
Keywords: LULU : piss off
♛ parle - Do you feel like a man when you push her around do you feel better now as she falls to the ground well I'll
Keywords: LULU : not impressed
♛ parle - In sacrifice false pretense you'll learn again stop pretending don't deny false pretense you'll learn again
Keywords: KALU : collide
[info]sehnsucht - Even the wrong words seem to rhyme out of the doubt that fills my mind I finally find that you
Keywords: KLLN : heart kiss
♛ molested - Here's to the nights we felt alive here's to the tears you knew you'd cry heres to goodbye tomorrow's gonna
Keywords: KLLN : fighter
[info]sehnsucht - I am not afraid to keep on living I am not afraid to walk this world alone honey if you stay
Keywords: SEYA : bonk
♛ unknown - Well I beleive it all is coming to an end oh well I guess we're gonna pretend let's see how far we've come
Keywords: KLLN : damn regret
♛ sharp_pastels - Again I am repeating myself and I know it's gone for you to sit and pretend damn regret I'll try to
Keywords: LULU : wicked
♛ molested - Every little thing I do never seems enough for you you don't want to lose it but I'm not like them baby
Keywords: KLLN : of this still life
♛ ipsius - Spin me round again and rub my eyes this can't be happening when busy streets a mess with people would stop
Keywords: SMON : cute little thing
♛ bubblemilk - Don't know what you've started I just came here to party but now we're rocking on the dance floor acting
Keywords: LULU : sex sells
♛ winnar - A strangled smile falls from your face it kills me that I hurt you this way the worse part is that I didn't
Keywords: SUZA : pouty wibble
♛ bubblemilk - He's never enough and still he's more than I can take oh I don't know I don't know what he's after but he
Keywords: KLLN : grumpy
♛ molested - I'm always waiting on something other than this why am I feeling there's something I missed something I
Keywords: SUZA : i has a squid
♛ bubblemilk - What a beautiful smile can I stay for awhile on this beautiful night I'll make everything right a beautif
Keywords: LULU : bored unimpressed
♛ winnar - You can never say never while we don't know when but time and time again younger now than we were before
Keywords: LULU : barley holding together
♛ bubblemilk - Quiet but I'm sure there is something here absolute tell me everything but I want to hear absolute absolu
Keywords: LULU : amused
♛ parle - And I've got nothing to say I can't believe I didn't fall right down on my face looking everywhere only to
Keywords: MEG : riviting
♛ colorfancy - If you run away now will you come back around and if you ran away I'd still wave goodbye watching you
Keywords: LULU : annoyed
♛ bubblemilk - And we're not going to live forever can you tell me is it now or never I'm not going to make up your mind
Keywords: LULU : hand over the face
♛ parle - I wandered through fiction to look for the truth buried beneath all the lies and I stood at a distance to see
Keywords: SETO : cake
♛ colorfancy - I got a naughty naughty style and a naughty naughty crew but everything I do I do just for you I'm a
Keywords: YOKO : crouch down
♛ colorfancy - He didn't unbutton your blouse to see a better view of you heart oh but can't blame me for trying I don't
Keywords: KISA : relaxing
♛ colorfancy - Strum me like a guitar blow out my amplifier when you hear some feedback keep going take it higher bring
Keywords: SUZA : lobster
♛ heygraphics - What about now what about today what if you're making me all that I was meant to be what if our love nev
Keywords: ROLO : head desk
♛ heygraphics - Everyone knows I'm in over my head over my head with eight seconds left in over time she's on my mind
Keywords: SHNA : corrine on shoulder
♛ seaverse - Baby take me on a journey I've been thinking lately I could use a little time alone with you baby lets do
Keywords: SHNA : sitting
♛ seaverse - I'm in love with a girl who knows me better fell for the woman just when I met her took my sweet time when
Keywords: WNED : bike ride
♛ cereal_killerz - Everybody look at me me I walk in the door you start screaming come on everyone what you here for mov
Keywords: NAMI : smile
♛ happi_pi - Start your own fashion wear your heart on your sleeve sometimes you reach whats real by making beleive unaf
Keywords: YOKO : bent down
♛ heygraphics - I belong to me I don't belong to you my heart is my possession I'll be my own reflection I belong to me
Keywords: ZLOS : i'm awesome
♛ deviator - She shuts the room down the way she walks and causes a fuss the baddest in town she's flawless like some un
Keywords: ZLOS : wall
♛ deviator - It's all up in the air and we stand still to see what comes down I don't know where it is I don't know
Keywords: LULU : sleepy awake
♛ all_creation - We're pulling apart and coming together again and again we're growing apart but we pull it together
Keywords: KLLN : roses
♛ dropturn - I don't even know you you won't even know I'm gone was it something I did wrong roses roses cold roses
Keywords: LULU : bandaged
♛ dropturn - When my time comes forget the wrong that I've done help me leave behind some reason to be missed don't rese
Keywords: SUZA : reading is hard
♛ robotsex - That's what you get when you let your heart win I drowned out all my sense with the sound of it's beating
Keywords: KLLN : stupid shit
♛ sundry_icons - Just like a chick in the casino take your bank before I pay you out I promise this promise this check
Keywords: EUPH : sex appeal
♛ sundry_icons - It's really good to hear your voice saying my name it sounds so sweet coming from the lips of an angel
Keywords: LULU : chibi sleep
♛ vasilissa - Nothing compares to a quiet evening alone just the one two I was counting on that never happens I guess
Keywords: MISC : predictable
♛ polyesters - Soft spoken with a broken jaw step outside but not to brawl autumn's sweet we call it fall I'll make it
Keywords: LULU : smug
♛ sundry_icons - Sometimes I'm a selfish fake you're always a true friend I don't deserve you cause I'm not there for
Keywords: JOUO : cake
♛ cheese_tart - In a cafe on this street with mouths to feed just trying to keep clothing on our backs and all I hear
Keywords: LULU : toys
♛ shotgunkisss - He doesn't look a thing like Jesus but he talks like a gentleman like you'd imagine when you were young
Keywords: SETO : sulky
♛ electronism - Way away away from here I'll be way away away so you can see what it means to be alone and not believe
Keywords: L : cake bored
♛ sundry_icons - If everyone cared and nobody cried and everyone loved and nobody lied if everyone shared and swallowed
Keywords: MISC : batman
♛ polyesters - I'm gonna wake up yes and no I'm gonna touch some part of I'm gonna keep this secret I'm gonna close my
Keywords: L : what the fuck
♛ graphic_hope - Can you look me in the eye and tell me that you're happy now will you tell it to my face or have I been
Keywords: SANA : surprise hug
♛ sakebi - So heres my demonstration a peep show tonight my body;s an exhibition baby though it's on display don't be
Keywords: KLLN : school
♛ winnar - It's you that ought to be holdin me I'm not containable this turns up, I'm not sustainable I ain't freakin I
Keywords: MISA : glasses
♛ flagbox - I don't think you know, know I'm checking you out so hot, hot wonder if you know he's on my radar you're on
Keywords: SUZA : wheee
♛ innovators - One step at a time there's no need to rush it's like learning to fly or falling in love it's gonna happen
Keywords: MISA : shinigami eyes
♛ sundry_icons - I don't want to be the girl who laughs the loudest or the girl who never wants to be alone I don't want
Keywords: LGHT : what
♛ goosygirl_icons - I can't feel the way I did before don't turn your back on me I won't be ignored time won't heal this
Keywords: L : hoodie
♛ bubblemilk - Needs to hit the big screen shoot a little love scene if hollywood had called she'd gone before you holle
Keywords: VGTA : cocky
♛ goosygirl_icons - I remember when I lost my mind there was something so pleasant about that place even your emotions
Keywords: LGHT : i'm super
♛ bubblemilk - Don't wanna be a fool for you just another player in your game for two you may hate me but it ain't no li
Keywords: L : icecream
♛ bubblemilk - It's getting late to give you up I took a sip from your devil's cup slowly it's taking over me too high I
Keywords: L: froggie
♛ goosygirl_icons - But I'm good without you yeah I'm good without you yeah yeah yeah how many times can I break till I
Keywords: SORA : oh sweet jesus
♛ subarashiku - And the shadow of the day will embrace the world in gray and the sun will set for you the sun will set
Keywords: L : suited up
♛ indoragamano - Super star where you from how's it going I know you've got a clue what you're doing you can play brand
Keywords: L : amused
♛ forsaken_icons - After all this why would you ever wanna leave maybe you could not believe my love for you was blind
Keywords: MISA : working
♛ sundry_icons - Well you couldn't be the man that I adored you don't seem to know don't seem to care what your heart is
Keywords: L : finger lick icecream
♛ lunargullicons - Cause different doesn't feel so different and going out is so much better than staying in feel the wi
Keywords: L : snacks
♛ quickfizz - Can you look me in the eyes and tell me that you're happy now can you tell it to my face of have I been
Keywords: L : immature
♛ exhero - One night and one more time thanks for the memories even though they weren't so great he tastes like you only
Keywords: L : thinking
♛ exhero - Did you think that I was gonna give it up to you, this time did you think it was something I was going to do
Keywords: SETO : apathy
♛ electronism - I never knew that everything was falling through that everyone I knew was hanging on a cue to turn and
Keywords: L : homey say what
♛ unknown - I'm no so naive I'm not trying to see the way you fight shy of almost everything if you give up you'll get
Keywords: LGHT : i'm evil?
♛ lunargullicons - You can dress up in diamonds you can dress me up in dirt you can throw me like a line man I like it
Keywords: L : thumbs up
♛ animonic - I'm looking at you through the glass don't know how much time has passed god it feels like forever and no
Keywords: LGHT : the internet is attacking
♛ fandaban_icons - Step back gonna come at you fast driving out of control getting ready to crash won't stop shaking up
Keywords: L : interesting
♛ polyesters - Illusion never changed into something real I'm wide awake and I can see the perfect sky is torn you're a
Keywords: L : busy and important
♛ polyesters - Can you see my eyes are shining bright cause I'm out here on the other side of a jet black hotel mirror
Keywords: L : phone calls
♛ polyesters - Let me tell you the story about the call that changed my destiny me and my boys went out just to end up
Keywords: L : peeking in
♛ polyesters - When I pretend everything is what I want it to be I look exactly like what you would always have wanted
Keywords: LULU : hoodie
♛ robotsex - Wait dear, a white horse is walking down my street here your words are creeping at my feet I fear sunrise
Keywords: YOKO : remember
[info]destructive - I will remember you will you remember me don't let your life pass you by weep not for the memories
Keywords: YOKO : sexy
[info]destructive - I belong to me I don't belong to you my heart is my posession I'll be my own reflection I belong
Keywords: YOKO : standing
[info]destructive - It seems so out of context in this gaudy apartment complex a stranger with a door key explaining
Keywords: SETO : simple
♛ colorfancy - When you walk away you won't hear me say please oh baby don't go simple and clean is the way that you're
Keywords: YOKO : light
[info]destructive - Let it go let it roll right off your shoulder don't you know the hardest part is over let it
Keywords: LULU : chibified geass
♛ iamsailormoon - If I don't say this now I will surely break as I'm leaving the world I wanna take forget the urgency
Keywords: YOKO : crying upset
[info]kiokushitaka - Letting out the noise inside of me every window pane is shattering this is how it feels to
Keywords: SHNA : sweet smile
♛ seaverse - Well I'm not paralyzed but I seem to be struck by you I wanna make you move because you're standing still
Keywords: SETO : sleeping
[info]strawberrytea - Here's to the nights we felt alive here's to the tear you knew you'd cry here's to goodbye
Keywords: MLLO : hat tip
♛ flagbox - Broadway is dark tonight a little bit weaker than you use to be broadway is dark tonight see the young man
Keywords: LULU : sweet smile
♛ all_creation - Honesty is what you need it sets you free like someone to save you let it go but hurry now there's an
Keywords: MUSH : aww man
♛ crazydd - Objection I don't want to be the exception to get a bit of your affection I love you for free and I'm not
Keywords: MLLO : mind explosion
♛ tanteicons - He's too stoned Nintendo I wish that I could make her see she's just the flavor of the week she makes me
Keywords: NEAR : plots shit
♛ unnaturals - Every time they turn the lights down just wanna go that extra mile for you you got my display of affectio
Keywords: L : this is fucked up
♛ cereal_killerz - I'm a rookie paramedic to a siren praying for an accident no they won't let me go until I got no back
Keywords: YOKO : girl in the jacket
♛ colorfancy - Lets hae some fun this beat is sick I wanna take a ride on your disco stick don't think to must just bust
Keywords: YOKO : huh book
♛ colorfancy - You beleive and you doubt you're confused got it all figured out you wanna show the world but no one know
Keywords: TOPH : blah blah blah
♛ colorfancy - Here's to the nights we felt alive heres to the tears you knew you'd cry heres to good bye tomorrows gon
Keywords: SKKA : brain bleach
♛ icons_of_isis - The remains of my wasted youth this wasted time on you has left me shaking and waiting shaking and wai
Keywords: MISC : get a hobby
[info]kiokushitaka - That's what you get when you let your heart win I drown out all my senses with the sound of
Keywords: MISC : dorkfest
[info]kiokushitaka - I can't decide why have you made it harder just to go on and why all the possibilities well
Keywords: HARI : thinking thinking
dokuji_graphics - I know your type your daddy's little take a bit let me shake up your world cause just one night couldn
Keywords: HARI : losers are making my head hurt
harlare - Shut up and put your money where your mouth is that's what you get for waking up in Vegas get up and shake the
Keywords: HARI : suspects
reicons - It's time to let it go the world's gotta funny way of turning round on you a friend trying to stab you right i
Keywords: TOPH : i'm blind
sharp_pastels - Lets go back back to the begining back to when the earth the moon and stars all aligned because perfect
Keywords: TOPH : bored
sharp_pastels - I never knew I never knew that everything was falling through that everyone I knew was waiting on a cue
Keywords: HARI : balance pen
sundry_icons - Everybody look at me me I walk in the door you stop breathing come everybody what you here for move your
Keywords: HARI : camera
umi_mizuno - And she's an actress but she ain't go no need she's got money from her parents and a trust fund back east
Keywords: SANJ : squee
♛ shoreofthesky - Picking up on things we shouldn't read it looks like the end of history as we know and we're feeling s
Keywords: NAMI : birds
♛ zerthis - I wanna hold em like they do in Texas plays fold em let em hit me raise the stakes baby stay with me I love
Keywords: NAMI : cute
♛ zerthis - My life is brilliant my love is pure I met an angel of that I'm sure she smiled at me on the subway she was
Keywords: NAMI : laying
♛ zerthis - Baby seasons change but people don't and I'll always be waiting in the back room I'm boring but I over compe
Keywords: SANA : back to back
♛ zerthis - I love you and I miss you I've been gone far away for far to long
Keywords: HARI : falling apart
♛ nano_break - I'm coming apart at the seams pitching myself the leads in other peoples dreams now buzz buzz doc theres
Keywords: HITA : annoyed
♛ shunkan - I used to be love drunk but now I'm hungover I love you forever forever is over we used to kiss all night n
Keywords: WNRY : fall apart
♛ suspecting - I'm falling apart I'm barely breathing with a broken heart that still beating I'm barley holding on to yo
Keywords: ALPH : fuck yeah
♛ suspecting - I got a feeling that tonights going to be a good night that tonights going to be a good good night I got
Keywords: HITA : happy
♛ seaverse - You can have it all anything you want you can make it yours anything you want it the world anything you wan
Keywords: YAMI : cry more
♛ lavaliere - Even if the sky is falling down you'll be my only theres no need to worry baby are you down down down down
Keywords: MISC : love you ass hole
♛ seaverse - Well I'm not paralyzed but I seem to be struck by you I wanna make you move because you're standing still
Keywords: LUFFY : hearts and hugs
♛ radiopowered - There's just one thing two do those three words thats four you I love you I love you theres only one th
Keywords: KISA : scarf
♛ unknown - And I'll never give myself to another the way I gave it to you don't even recognize the ways you hit me
Keywords: SETO : objection
[info]kiokushitaka - Oh shit shake that ass ma move it like a gypsy stop whoa back it up now let me see your hip
Keywords: SANA : oranges
♛ zerthis - I know it's not enough to say I'm wrong you know I will miss you when you're gone I know it's not your life
Keywords: JUBA : smug girl
♛ clockroom - You love me but you don't know who I am caught between this lie I live and where I stand you love me but y
Keywords: NATU : parental advisory
♛ clockroom - I could make me show stop soon as you make this flow pop from a-l-a-t-n-t-a all the way down to your block
Keywords: ERZA : warrior
♛ clockroom - Been about a year now haven't seen or heard from you been missing you crazy how do you how do you sleep th
Keywords: LING : rage
♛ icondork - I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell I know right now you can't tell but stay awhile and maybe then you'
Keywords: LING : host club
♛ icondork - She, she, she want it I wanna give it to her she know that it's right here for her I wanna see you break it
Keywords: SETO : eyes closed
♛ cadmiumteaparty - You love me but you don't know who I am I'm torn between this life I lead and where I stand you love
Keywords: LGHT : kira damnit
♛ frakalakalaka - You believe and you doubt you're confused you got it all figured out you know you can if you get the c
Keywords: ED : mayhem
♛ graphic_hope - It's the right night to make the wrong moves got a bad case of nothing to lose when the lights are out
Keywords: ED : short
♛ iconchacha - And she's an actress but she ain't got no need she's got money from her parents in a trust fund back east
Keywords: ED : contemplating
♛ iconchacha - Do you remember when we didn't care we were just two kids that took the moment when it was there do you r
Keywords: ED : fume
♛ iconchacha - This could be the last mistake that I would ever wanna do and all I ever do is give it's time you see my
Keywords: ED : i am so cool
♛ iconchacha - Is it okay if I speak to you today you've been pissed off for a week now but nothing I could say would ma
Keywords: ROY : objection
♛ icondork - Eight o' clock monday night and I'm waiting to finally talk to a girl a little cooler than me her name is N
Keywords: LOKI : ho shit
♛ incestualicons - I couldn't tell you why she felt that way she felt it every day and I couldn't help her I just watche
Keywords: WNRY : wheee
♛ icondork - Check it out going out on the late night I can tell I just know that it's going down tonight at the bar six
Keywords: WNRY : worried
♛ icondork - I'll be you be if you put down your blazing gun now you're going somewhere else far away and I don't know i
Keywords: ROY : heart shock
♛ icondork - Top down in the summer sun the day we met was like a hit and run and I still taste it on my tongue the sky
Keywords: LGHT : bored now
♛ lavaliere - Is it still me that makes you sweat am I who you think about in bed and you think about what you did and h
Keywords: MATT : hearts
♛ laverinth - Ain't another woman that could take your spot my-If I could write you a symphony just to say how much you
Keywords: ED : hip hip horray
♛ nanabbang - I'll be running high when you're screaming my name all right but let me tell you now there are prices to p
Keywords: ED : this your idiot
♛ nanabbang - Keep watching from your picket fence you keep talking but it makes no sense you say we're not responsible
Keywords: MLLO : depressed
♛ smilles - See the devil on the doorstep now my oh my telling everybody how to live their life sliding down the informa
Keywords: SUZA : relaxing glasses
♛ besito - Let's go back back to the beginning back to when the earth the wind the stars all align cause perfect didn't
Keywords: SUZA : happy dork face
♛ besito - Where have all the good men gone and where are all the Gods where's the street wise Hercules to fight the ris
Keywords: HITA : grump face
♛ besito - I've had a little bit too much all of the people start to rush by where are my keys I lost my phone what is g
Keywords: MLLO : smile
♛ disko99dolly - I can't remember but it's alright it's alright just dance spin that record baby just dance it's gonna
Keywords: LUCY : panic
♛ yarinige - Best thing about tonight is we're not fighting could it be that we have been this way before I know you don
Keywords: YOKO : fashion baby
♛ blossoming - I'm sitting in a room of only plain white walls and in the halls there are people looking through the win
Keywords: HITA : drama point
♛ besito - You're always on display for everyone to watch and learn from don't you know by now you can't turn back becau
Keywords: SANA : come here
♛ zerthis - I don't care what anyone says I got you on my mind thinking about one thing gonna show you how I do it best
Keywords: SETO : hmph face
♛ yureteru - Let me tell you a story about the call that changed my destiny me and my boys went out just to end up in mi
Keywords: CIEL : hat
♛ chromatic_fate - My baby don't mess around because she loves me so and this I know for sure but does she really wanna
Keywords: CIEL : tie
♛ chromatic_fate - You know I try to be all that I can but there's a part of me I still don't understand why do I only s
Keywords: CIEL : cute
♛ songof_storms - I'm so tired of being here supressed by all my childish fears and if you have to leave I wish that you
Keywords: CIEL : pouty hat
♛ songof_storms - These wounds won't seem to heal this pain is just too real there's just too much that time cannot eras
Keywords: CIEL : yellow
♛ epicfail - I'm tugging at my hair I'm pulling at my clothes I'm trying to keep my cool I know it shows I'm staring at
Keywords: CIEL : no
♛ epicfail - You're the only one I ever beleived in the answer that could never be found if only you decided to let love
Keywords: MRED : faceless
♛ epicfail - You wait wanting this world to let you in you stand there frozen like dark and empty streets and you smile
Keywords: CIEL : apathy
♛ epicfail - How the hell we'd wind up like this why weren't we able to see the signs that we missed try turn the tables
Keywords: CIEL : annoyed
♛ epicfail - Lately there's been too much of this don't think it's too late nothing's wrong just as long as you know som
Keywords: TOZU : action adventure time
♛ sundry_icons - On a Monday I am waiting Tuesday I am fading and by Wednesday I can't sleep then the phone right I hear
Keywords: TOZU : talk about it
♛ sundry_icons - Now the story's played out like this just like a paper back novel let's rewrite an ending that fits ins
Keywords: TOPH : joy
[info]confining - The way I see it I've got you and I both covered and you and I will secretly enjoy our time se
Keywords: TOPH : fight position
[info]confining - In a moment everything can change feel the weight on your shoulder for a minute all the world
Keywords: TOPH : rotating
[info]confining - To to turn and run but all I needed was the truth but that's how it's got to be it's coming do
Keywords: TOPH : pointing
[info]confining - Do you love me oh do you love me I say so do you need me oh do you need me god I hope I got th
Keywords: NUNNA : facestairs
[info]strawberrytea - We can make hours into years wherever we go you're always near I'm just so happy you walke
Keywords: LULU : black and white
♛ pikapyon -
Keywords: KISA : hair tying
♛ blank_room -

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