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Current Pictures

Here are the userpics for [info]rachelberry. Get notified when they upload a new one.
Keywords: Rachel star
Keywords: sing out diva
Keywords: you're kiddin!
Keywords: I'm an angel
Keywords: I'm a demon
Keywords: there's nothing ironic about show choir!
Keywords: me. being a star
Keywords: r/p. hug. bring it.
Keywords: we're all losers
Keywords: what a girl wants
Keywords: i like the way you move you hair
Keywords: oh no you didn't
Keywords: also angels!
Keywords: in his face
Keywords: giggles
Keywords: oh nah you di'nt
Keywords: i'm just corncerned
Keywords: *headwall*
Keywords: likeomfg
Keywords: i love the blueberry slushie
Keywords: glaring at you
Keywords: i'm a star
Keywords: r/q. listen you blonde
Keywords: omgyay!
Keywords: *huff*
Keywords: please don't!
Keywords: rehearsing in front of my mirror
Keywords: exciting!
Keywords: *eye roll*
Keywords: goody goody
Keywords: don't pretend
Keywords: i want everything too much
Keywords: smile
Keywords: i have two gay dads
Keywords: blogging
Keywords: panicking
Keywords: umm
Keywords: r/p. i love me some puckelberry
Keywords: r/f. i like you
Keywords: crying
Keywords: bad glare
Keywords: I won my first dance competition
Keywords: gold stars are metaphors
Keywords: hi!
Keywords: what?
Keywords: eavesdropping
Keywords: r/f. no air

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