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Current Pictures

Here are the userpics for [info]juuhachigou. Get notified when they upload a new one.
Keywords: KLLN : tie
♛ outboxx -
Keywords: TEAR : nostalgic
♛ xxadorkable - Looking back at me I see that I never really got it right I never stopped to think of you
Keywords: SOKA : oh poopie
♛ sakebi - Give me just a second and I'll be alright surely one more moment couldn't break my heart
Keywords: TKKA : toph on fire
♛ sakebi - The girls come easy and the drugs come cheap we'll all get skinny because we just won't eat
Keywords: TOPH : lame
♛ sharp_pastels - I'm so cool too bad I'm a loser I'm so smart too bad I can't get anything figured out
Keywords: TOPH : my eyes
♛ sharp_pastels : It takes acquired minds to taste, to taste, this wine you can't down it with your eyes
Keywords: TOPH : riviting
♛ sundry_icons - I'm in the business of misery lets take it from the top she's got a body like an hour glass
Keywords: ZUKO : that's rough buddy
♛ vaderetro : It's so strange I can't believe it feels just like I'm falling for the first time
Keywords: SOKA : serious business
♛ vaderetro - I know what you're doing and it's not going to work this time yeah it's not going to work this time
Keywords: TOPH : battle stances
♛ whiteout_icons - Back off I'll take you on headstrong to take on anyone I know that you are wrong
Keywords: TOPH : sad
♛ whiteout_icons - Is anybody listening can anybody answer my prayers please say yes does anybody feel the same
Keywords: AANG : wait a damn minute ass hole
♛ whoresque - Cause I'll prove it scratch off the music like 'ey little stupid don't make me lose it
Keywords: KALU : behind you
♛ icondoms - Lets give them something to talk about a little something to figure out talk about love
Keywords: KLLN : stupid
♛ molested - You live you learn you love you learn you bleed you learn you cry you learn
Keywords: KLLN : the next contestant
♛ sharp_pastels - I wish you'd do it again I'll watch you leave here limping and there goes the next contestant
Keywords: KLLN : hearts in the background
♛ winnar - Hey how long till the music drowns you out don't put words up in my mouth I didn't steal your boyfriend
Keywords: KLLN : piss the fuck off
♛ wolfwinds - Maneater make you work hard make spend hard make you want all of her love she's a maneater
Keywords: YOKO : all grown up
♛ colorfancy - When I grow up I wanna be famous I wanna be a star I wanna be in movies
Keywords: YOKO : hopeful
♛ concreted - What about now what about today what if you're making me all that I am meant to be
Keywords: YOKO : sigh
♛ winnar - Hey you over there I know you gotta a problem but don't despair see me I had no soul till I found myself
Keywords: YOKO : teacher
♛ winnar - I'm hot for the teacher I've got it bad so bad I'm hot for the teacher
Keywords: YOKO : devious
♛ winnar - I'm trouble yeah trouble now I'm trouble ya'll I make trouble in my town
Keywords: YOKO : excited
♛ dropturn - If you're feeling like a pimp go on and brush your shoulder off ladies is pimps too go on and brush
Keywords: YOKO : annoyed
♛ dropturn - I'm telling you to loosen up my buttons but you keep fronting saying what you're going to do to me
Keywords: YOKO : what now
♛ dropturn - Now if she does like this will you do her like that and if she moves like this will you touch her like that
Keywords: YOKO : bathing suit
♛ genesisicons - We only got four minutes to save the world no hesitating grab a boy and grab a girl
Keywords: YKSM : be there for you
♛ glowstick - I'll be there for you when the rain starts to fall I'll be there for you like I've been there before
Keywords: YOKO : killer queen
♛ shotstars - Gunpowder gelatine dynamite with a laser beam guaranteed to blow your mind anytime
Keywords: SMON : hanging on
♛ sonzaicon - Show me which way to go I can't do this by myself don't know how I should play the cards that I've been de
Keywords: NAMI : big smile
♛ happi_pi - I'm hanging on today and nothings going to stop me anyway I'm holding on I'm strong
Keywords: NAMI : back turned
♛ happi_pi - If I don't say this now I will surely break as I'm leaving the one I want to take forget the urgency
Keywords: NAMI : devious
♛ happi_pi : I've birds in my ear and a devil on my shoulder and I forward to the other and I can't get a hold of her
Keywords: NAMI : hurray
♛ happi_pi - Oh hot damn this is my jam make me party until the AM ya'll don't understand
Keywords: NAMI : annoyed
♛ happi_pi - Everything you say to me takes me one step closer to the edge and I'm about to break I need a little room
Keywords: NAMI : smiling
♛ happi_pi - Don't let nobody tell you you're life is over be every color that you are into the rush now
Keywords: NAMI : joyful
♛ happi_pi - So live your life ay ay ay you're steady chasing that paper just live your life ay ay ay
Keywords: NAMI : skeptical
♛ killabarbie - So what I'm still a rockstar I got my rock moves and I don't need you and guess what I'm having more fun
Keywords: SHNA : amused
♛ tani_chan - I used to think I had it good now I know that I misunderstood you could say I'm better off in every way
Keywords: SHNA : face rape
♛ tani_chan - You know you can get the chance in your face and the door keeps slamming it's going to happen
Keywords: SHNA : crying
♛ tani_chan - Keep holding in because you know I'm there for you I'm there for you just stay strong
Keywords: SHNA : dangerous
♛ tani_chan - Maybe life is like a ride on a freeway dodging bullets why you're trying to find your way everyones around
Keywords: SHNA : sweatdrop
♛ tani_chan - If I seem bleek well then you'd be correct if I don't speak it's because I can't disconnet but I won't be
Keywords: SHNA : happy
♛ tani_chan - If the rivers too wide I'll get through it and if the mountains too high that won't stop this dream
Keywords: SHNA : thinking
♛ tani_chan - I'll spread my wings and I'll learn how to fly I'll do what it takes till I touch the sky
Keywords: SHNA : prepare the attack
♛ tani_chan - I'm not a perfect person there's many things I wish I didn't do but I continue learning I never meant to
Keywords: SHNA : concern
♛ tani_chan - You don't run with the crowd you go your own way you don't play after dark you light up my day
Keywords: SHNA : oh my god really
♛ tani_chan - If you want then start to laugh if you must then start to cry be yourself don't hide
Keywords: SHNA : oh no you didn't
♛ tani_chan - So tired of you being up in my space how much more can I take I'm tired of privates driving me
Keywords: SHNA : oh shit
♛ tani_chan - When I shut the door I'm leaving with my bags hit the scene in my new wagon
Keywords: SHNA : piss off
♛ tani_chan - Break me shake me baby take me over when the maddness stop you will be alone so break me shake me take me
Keywords: SHNA : whut
♛ tani_chan - I don't care what this girl is after she's a natural natural disaster she's so sexy I had to have her
Keywords: SETO : straight forward
♛ colorfancy - You're hot than you're cold you're yes than you're no you're than your out
Keywords: SETO : faceless
♛ colorfancy - I'm going under I've got to break through I'm falling forever drowning in you I won't be broken again
Keywords: SETO : tug of the lips
♛ colorfancy - I beleive the world is burning to the ground oh well I guess we're going to find out
Keywords: SETO : face rape
♛ colorfancy - Lets see how far we've come lets see how far we've come because I beleive the world is burning
Keywords: SETO : my learnings
♛ sakebi - And I'm here to remind you of the mess you made when you went away it's not fair to deny me
Keywords: YAMI : wrist is pissed
♛ sakebi - Move bitch get out the way get out the way bitch get out the way move bitch get out the way
Keywords: TOPH : in the dirt
♛ sundry_icons - Do you feel like a man when you push her around do you feel better now as she falls to the ground
Keywords: SETO : smile
♛ sakebi - You whispered to me and I'd be stupid not to follow where you'd be taking me tonight until tomorrow
Keywords: SETO : walls come down
♛ sakebi - And they say you gotta look before you leap and we're going to judge you by the friends you keep
Keywords: SETO : my name is fuck you
♛ sakebi - The ray of light cuts like a razor the blazing fire burning in my eye the day reveals the dreadful betrayer
Keywords: SETO : humiliate yourself in public
♛ sakebi - Pirate skulls and bones sticks and stones and weed and bones leathal posion in their system
Keywords: SETO : take your time
♛ sakebi - Take your time and love 'em slow and if you play your cards right you won't ever let em go
Keywords: SETO : oh the shame
♛ colorfancy - And everything is over my head over my head with eight seconds left in over time she's on your mind
Keywords: JUHA : fierce eyes
♛ rushicons - By the pricking of my thumbs something wicked this way comes
Keywords: LULU : die in a fire
♛ sharp_pastels - Oh no the fights out i'm about to punch your lights out get the fuck back gaurd yo grill
Keywords: KLLN : shouting
[info]kiokushitaka - This is ten percent luck twenty percent skill fifteen percent concentrated power of will
Keywords: KLLN : is that so
♛ orangeglow - Who would have thought he'd be the one to set the west in flames and I heard him wrecking
Keywords: LULU : laughter
♛ orangeglow - And don't resent me and when you're feeling empty keep me in your memory leave out all the rest
Keywords: KLLN : regret
♛ colorfancy - Keep watching from your picket fence keeping talking but it makes no sense
Keywords: YOKO : rest assured
♛ dropturn - But that's okay because the chorus is coming up again please play this song on the radio
Keywords: LULU : plotting
♛ dropturn - It's all about power and taking control breaking the will and raping the soul
Keywords: KLLN : keh fine
♛ dropturn - I'm miss bad media karama another another day another drama now are you sure you want a piece of me
Keywords: LULU : genuine
♛ dropturn - I'm bringing sexy back them other boys don't know how to act so turn around and I'll pick up the slack
Keywords: KLLN : wonder
♛ dropturn - He didn't unbutton your blouse to see a better view of your heart but don't blame him for trying
Keywords: KLLN : your mom
♛ dropturn - One hundred bodies fill this room and all the faces over done pain is forgien forgien to us
Keywords: KLLN : arguing
[info]juuhachigou - Faking it all the time conscience cuts like a knife when will you start to realize
Keywords: ZESH : do i dazzle you
♛ tani_chan - Shot through the heart and you're to blame darling you give love a bad name
Keywords: TEAR : happy
♛ sharp_pastels - She says she talks to angels they call her out by her name oh yeah she talks to angels
Keywords: TEAR : hmph
♛ sharp_pastels - She don't know no lover none that I've ever seen and to her that ain't nothing but to me its everythin
Keywords: GUY : looking out for you
♛ orangeglow - There's a smile when the pain comes the pains going to make everything alright
Keywords: LULU : impress me
♛ parle - It would help me to know do I stand in your way or am I the best thing you've had trapped by your love
Keywords: LULU : fall apart
♛ winnar - Even the best fall down sometimes even the wrong words seem to rhyme out of the doubt that fills my mind
Keywords: KLLN : fall to pieces
♛ molested - Everything falls apart even the people who never frown eventually break down the sacrfice is never knowing
Keywords: TEAR : what the fuck
♛ thrashmetal - Here's to the nights we felt alive here's to the tears you knew you'd cry here's to goodbye
Keywords: LUKE : rage
♛ thrashmetal - When I arrive I-I bring the fire make you come alive I can take you higher what is this, forgot
Keywords: ANSE : gossip
♛ thrashmetal - I fly like paper get high like planes if you meet me at the border I got visas in my name if you come
Keywords: GUY : oh come on
♛ thrashmetal - Think twice before you touch my girl come around make you feel the burn think twice
Keywords: TEAR : breaking
♛ thrashmetal - Let the rain fall down and wake my dreams let it wash away my sanity cause I wanna feel the thunder
Keywords: TEAR : bad day
♛ thrashmetal - Found myself today found myself and ran away but something pulled me back the voice of reason
Keywords: GUY : oh my god no
♛ thrashmetal - Just live your life instead of chasing that paper just live your life ain't go no time for no haters
Keywords: LULU : surrounded by idiots
♛ parle - If everyone cared in nobody cried if everyone shared and nobody lied
Keywords: KLLN : baby don't cry
♛ parle - I will be all that you want I got myself together because you keep me from falling apart all my life I'll be
Keywords: LULU : so pissed
♛ parle - I don't care what you think as long as it's about me the best of us can find happiness in misery
Keywords: LULU : i'm not worth it
♛ parle - Fell out of bed butterfly bandage but don't worry you'll never remember your head is far to blurry
Keywords: LULU : regret
♛ parle - I'm coming apart at the seams pitching myself as the lead in other peoples dreams buzz buzz
Keywords: LULU : sassy
♛ parle - Little girl you got my staring eye or was it just a telescopic camera lie
Keywords: KLLN : salute
♛ sundry_icons - I'll be your doctor I'll be your cure I'll be you medicine and more I'm your doctor I'm your cure
Keywords: YOKO : defying reason
♛ sundry_icons - Do the impossible the the unthinkable touch the untouchable row row fight the powah
Keywords: YOKO : army girl
♛ sundry_icons - I'm a loose bolt of a complete machine what a match I'm half doomed and you semi-sweet
Keywords: YOKO : waitress
♛ sundry_icons - Boy don't try to front I know just just what you are boy don't try to front I know just what you are
Keywords: YOKO : glasses tilt
♛ sundry_icons - Superstar Where you from, how's it going? I know you gotta clue, what your doing
Keywords: YOKO : ambitions like ribbons
♛ sundry_icons - You got the swagger of a champion too bad for you you just can't find the right companion
Keywords: KLLN : stare
♛ sundry_icons - Can't you see that you're smothering me holding too tightly afraid to lose control
Keywords: TOPH : think it over
♛ sundry_icons - But I know you were just like me with someone disappointed in you.
Keywords: KLLN : shy
♛ molested - This time I need a soilder I'm sick of toy soilder someone that needs to take care of me I'm so damn glad
Keywords: LGHT : bored
♛ kyoukatabira - Breaking my back just to know your name seventeen tracks and I've had it with this game
Keywords: KLLN : dress
♛ lovestomp - What makes you different makes you beautiful what's there inside you shines through to me
Keywords: LULU : at the edge
♛ parle - Vindicated I am selfish I am wrong I'm right I swear I'm right I swear I knew it all along
Keywords: KLLN : embarrassed
♛ parle - If I just breathe let it fill the space between I know everything is all right breathe every little piece of
Keywords: LULU : hat
♛ parle - You seem so out of context in this gaudy apartment complex a stranger with a door key
Keywords: LULU : shield face
♛ parle - And I'm barely listening to last demands I'm staring at the asphalt wondering whats buried underneath
Keywords: LULU : hand gestures
♛ parle - From up here the city lights burn like a thousand miles of fire and I'm hear to sing this anthem of our dying
Keywords: LULU : watch me work
♛ parle - The stars will cry the blackest tears tonight and this is the moment that I live for I can smell the ocean air
Keywords: LGHT : extended hand
♛ poptartmuse - I talk to absolutely no one could keep to myself enough and the things bottled inside
Keywords: TOPH : all you do is blah blah
♛ fraught - When we were only kids and we were the best of friends we hoped for the best and let go of the rest
Keywords: LULU : fuck yeah
♛ itokonoarts - Desperate for changing starving for truth I'm closer to where I started chasing after you
Keywords: KLLN : window
♛ winnar - I don't want to be the girl who laughs the loudest or the girl who never wants to be alone
Keywords: KLLN : stand alone
♛ parle - I'm safe up high no one can touch me but why do I feel this party's over no pain inside you're my protection
Keywords: LULU : up to my old tricks
♛ parle - Cause I don't want you to know where I am 'cause then you'll see my heart In the saddest state it's ever been
Keywords: LULU : devious smile
♛ parle - Stop right there. That's exactly where I lost it see that line well I never should have crossed it
Keywords: GUY : serious face
♛ _ashenicons - An empty room can be so deafening the silence makes you want to scream
Keywords: TEAR : serious
♛ _ashenicons - We built it up to watch it fall like we meant nothing at all I gave and gave the best of me
Keywords: TEAR : determined
♛ _ashenicons - You're not the person that you used to be the one I want and who wanted me
Keywords: GUY : fight
♛ hatsukoi_icons - How dare you say my behavior is unacceptable so condescending unnesscary and critical
Keywords: KLLN : i'm so sorry
♛ sharp_pastels - I tried to be perfect it just wasn't worth it I don't believe it makes me real
Keywords: KLLN : depressed
♛ sundry_icons - I thought it'd be easy but not one believes me I meant all the things I said
Keywords: KLLN : guilt
♛ sundry_icons - A little girl who cries in the face of a monster that lives in her dreams is there anyone out there
Keywords: KLLN : combo breaker
♛ sundry_icons - You'll understand what I mean when I say there's no way we're going to give up harder to breathe
Keywords: LULU : something wicked
♛ sundry_icons - If you want to I can save you I can take you away from here so lonely inside so busy out there
Keywords: LULU : courtyard
♛ sundry_icons - Watch my life pass me by in the rear view mirror pictures frozen in time are becoming clearer
Keywords: LULU : tea
♛ sundry_icons - Cause you had a bad day you're taking one down you sing a sad song just to turn it around
Keywords: KALU : tops
♛ ?? - Cause she's bitter sweet she knocks me off my feet and I can't understand why I'd want anyone else
Keywords: LULU : asshat
[info]kiokushitaka -
Keywords: GENS : you're so pitiful
♛ tani_chan -
Keywords: SHNA : i fucking keel you
♛ tani_chan -
Keywords: KMNA : bored now
♛ sakebi -
Keywords: GENS : you must be an idiot
♛ tani_chan -
Keywords: ZESH : sekrits
♛ tani_chan -
Keywords: SHNA : well too bad
♛ tani_chan -
Keywords: LYOD : oh shit mode
♛ tani_chan -
Keywords: GENS : i don't care
♛ tani_chan -
Keywords: ZLOS : wall
♛ tani_chan -
Keywords: KMNA : bleh
♛ shotastars -
Keywords: SANJ : heart hat
♛ zerthis -
Keywords: SANJ : happy tune
♛ 100nights -
Keywords: LULU : breaks in two
[info]sehnsucht - Say it's true oh everything that matters breaks in two
Keywords: LULU : chibi cry
♛ molested -
Keywords: TELU : telephone
♛ heygraphics -
Keywords: GUY : fuck yeah fish
♛ finalbound -
Keywords: ARTR : you suck
♛ finalbound -
Keywords: YOKO : let it rock
♛ dans_vous -
Keywords: TBBT : second rate minds
♛ beth_icons -
Keywords: TBBT : hello puny insects
♛ beth_icons -
Keywords: TBBT : what's his deal?!
♛ beth_icons -
Keywords: TBBT : only thing missing was your mama
♛ beth_icons -
Keywords: TBBT : and bite me
♛ beth_icons -
Keywords: TBBT : tickets to that please
♛ beth_icons -
Keywords: TBBT : our babies
♛ beth_icons -
Keywords: TBBT : score one for liquor and poor jud
♛ beth_icons -
Keywords: YOKO : gunner girl
♛ shotgunkisss -
Keywords: NUNA : facestairs
[info]juuhachigou -
Keywords: TBBT : breasts and brains
♛ beth_icons -
Keywords: TELU : hug
♛ heygraphics -
Keywords: KLLN : gun
♛ dropturn -
Keywords: KLLN : fighter
♛ dropturn -
Keywords: KLLN : what the fuck
♛ dropturn -
Keywords: LULU : surprised
♛ powercorrupts -
Keywords: KALU : stand beside you
♛ powercorrupts -
Keywords: KLLN : angry tears
♛ powercorrupts -
Keywords: KALU : stalker
♛ powercorrupts -
Keywords: KALU : you're stupid
[info]juuhachigou -
Keywords: NAMI : love
♛ kasustyle -
Keywords: KLLN : happy
♛ molested -
Keywords: LULU : panic
♛ molested -
Keywords: KLLN : white jacket
♛ molested -
Keywords: KLLN : sitting
♛ molested -
Keywords: KLLN : restrained
♛ molested -
Keywords: LULU : devious
♛ molested -
Keywords: KLLN : little kiss
♛ molested -
Keywords: KLLN : soft
♛ dropturn -
Keywords: KLLN : visor
♛ respire -
Keywords: YOKO : oh whatever
♛ outboxx -
Keywords: CHOP : tearing up
♛ happi_pi -
Keywords: DARK : cocky
♛ happi_pi -
Keywords: DAIS : look to the sky
♛ happi_pi -
Keywords: DAIS : well fuck you
♛ happi_pi -
Keywords: DAIS : emos
♛ happi_pi -
Keywords: DARK : up to no good
♛ happi_pi -
Keywords: KLLN : chess piece
♛ colorfancy -
Keywords: YOKO : dangerous
♛ lulubai -
Keywords: LULU : king
♛ djalina -
Keywords: KLLN : breaking down
♛ winnar -
Keywords: KLLN : desperation
♛ winnar -
Keywords: KLLN : stern
♛ icontemplation -
Keywords: KLLN : a new day
♛ swingycons -
Keywords: MEG : oh really
♛ swingycons -
Keywords: MEG : love bites
♛ swingycons -
Keywords: MEG : nice shooting
♛ swingycons -
Keywords: KLLN : quiet
♛ dragonsquee -
Keywords: KLLN : what the hell
♛ dragonsquee -
Keywords: LULU : boring
♛ dragonsquee -
Keywords: YOKO : bullet
♛ dragonsquee -
Keywords: LULU : sketch
♛ dragonsquee -
Keywords: LULU : sexy
♛ dragonsquee -
Keywords: LULU : rage
♛ dragonsquee -
Keywords: LULU : soda
♛ larcrymoisty -
Keywords: KLLN : keep smiling
♛ dragonsquee -
Keywords: YOKO : beautiful girl
♛ diamondeyesss -
Keywords: KLLN : fear falls away
[info]juuhachigou -
Keywords: SETO : eat cake
♛ colorfancy -
Keywords: HITU : prodigy child
♛ chopstickicons -
Keywords: HITU : red
♛ chopstickicons -
Keywords: ISHI : teehee
♛ chopstickicons -
Keywords: URHA : mwahaha
♛ chopstickicons -
Keywords: PTER : kick ass don't come home
♛ chopstickicons -
Keywords: RUKI : blood
♛ chopstickicons -
Keywords: RUKI : not a chief
♛ icon_luv -
Keywords: AIZN : sup bitches
♛ icon_luv -
Keywords: AIZN : couch
♛ icon_luv -
Keywords: ISHI : blah blah blah
♛ icon_luv -
Keywords: RENJ : shit is wizzzeak
♛ icon_luv -
Keywords: ISHI : serious business
♛ icon_luv -
Keywords: ICHI : fucking sweet car
♛ icon_luv -
Keywords: KLLN : fierce
♛ attempts -
Keywords: KLLN : walking
♛ molested -
Keywords: KLLN : grumpy
♛ molested -
Keywords: DARK : serious face
♛ happi_pi -
Keywords: DARK : running
♛ happi_pi -
Keywords: DARK : geuine
♛ happi_pi -
Keywords: DAIS : aw man
♛ happi_pi -
Keywords: DAIS : peek
♛ happi_pi -
Keywords: DARK : sexy
♛ happi_pi -
Keywords: LULU : omfg you
♛ helenbutterfly -
Keywords: RENJ : wtf face
♛ dirtyicons -
Keywords: LULU : tired of your fuckery
♛ wowkaboom -
Keywords: CIRC : gangsta
♛ icon_luv -
Keywords: CIRC : thunderwitch
♛ icon_luv -
Keywords: RUKI : head out of your ass
♛ icon_luv -
Keywords: HIYR : disapprove
♛ end_titles -
Keywords: YOKO : rocker
♛ bipoloarcucco -
Keywords: BRNY : shoot self
♛ _jem_ -
Keywords: BRNY : flight suit up
♛ first_love -
Keywords: LULU : dance
♛ molested -
Keywords: RUKI : reaper
♛ icon_fall -
Keywords: RUKI : taking a walk
♛ icon_fall -
Keywords: HITU : happy
♛ ?? -
Keywords: HITU : hate you and your bands
♛ ?? -
Keywords: HITU : boy genius
♛ mdoogie -
Keywords: YOKO : alone
[info]destructive -
Keywords: SOI : know when you're dead
♛ leighs_lair -
Keywords: RNRK : goes left goes right
♛ ipsius -
Keywords: KLLN : waiting
♛ ipsius -
Keywords: KLLN : please pick up
♛ ipsius -
Keywords: KALU : heartbreaking
♛ ipsius -
Keywords: KLLN : of this still life
♛ ipsius -
Keywords: KLLN : looking back
♛ ipsius -
Keywords: SOI : i walk alone
♛ ?? -
Keywords: YAST : bonk
♛ ?? -
Keywords: NELL : towards disaster
♛ ipsius -
Keywords: KLLN : think of you fondly
♛ ipsius -
Keywords: RUKI : rise
♛ ipsius -
Keywords: SETO : embarrassed
♛ ?? -
Keywords: RUKI : can feel
♛ ?? -
Keywords: RUKI : diamonds
♛ ?? -
Keywords: RUKI : see your dreams
♛ ?? -
Keywords: YORU : are you kidding
♛ willalwayssuffer -
Keywords: YORU : looking upward
♛ willalwayssuffer -
Keywords: YORU : bring it on
♛ willalwayssuffer -
Keywords: YORU : at your back
♛ willalwayssuffer -
Keywords: YORU : ready to fight
♛ willalwayssuffer -
Keywords: EUPH : edge of despair
♛ dragonsquee -
Keywords: LULU : not impressed
♛ dragonsquee -
Keywords: LULU : disgusted
♛ dragonsquee -
Keywords: HITU : broken hallelujah
[info]juuhachigou -
Keywords: NAMI : driving me crazy
[info]juuhachigou -
Keywords: CIRC : bondage time
♛ icon_luv -
Keywords: NELL : icecream
♛ icon_luv -
Keywords: NELL : faggot
♛ icon_luv -
Keywords: HITU : castle grayskull
♛ icon_luv -
Keywords: SHIN : you lose
♛ icon_luv -
Keywords: RUKI : har har
♛ icon_luv -
Keywords: RUKI : thumbs up
♛ icon_luv -
Keywords: HIYR : fuck shoes
♛ icon_luv -
Keywords: KLLN : wear this disguise
[info]juuhachigou -
Keywords: KALU : look after you
[info]juuhachigou -
Keywords: KALU : at the ends breaks
[info]juuhachigou -
Keywords: KLLN : determination
[info]juuhachigou -

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