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Current Pictures

Here are the userpics for [info]justagirl. Get notified when they upload a new one.
Keywords: • affectionate
i'm cookie dough, not done baking
Keywords: • hurt
the hardest thing is this world is to live in it
Keywords: • trauma
how am i supposed to get on with my life?
Keywords: • bitchy
i'm buffy, and you're history
Keywords: • bored
we fight and we die
Keywords: • cynical
looks like my calling was a wrong dial
Keywords: • bright
buffy summers, reporting for sanity
Keywords: • chipper
love makes you do the wacky
Keywords: • condescending
i have the power. you don't. so listen
Keywords: • tired
you think it's quiet down there? it's deafening
Keywords: • troubled
i need to fix this
Keywords: • lecturing
this is insane troll logic
Keywords: • disapproval
anna nicole smith thinks you look tacky
Keywords: • relaxing
it would've sounded more commanding if i wasn't wearing my yummy sushi pyjamas
Keywords: • judgmental
i'm the chosen one. all mythic and defender-y
Keywords: • contemplative
i can't just be a person. i can't be helpless like that
Keywords: • enlightening
i'll be a fireman when the floods roll back
Keywords: • flashy
i may be dead, but i'm still pretty
Keywords: • radiant
peachy with a side of keen
Keywords: • annoyed
you've banded together to be pains in my ass?
Keywords: • confusion
pop quiz? who said that?
Keywords: • humour
and he was a very small fear demon
Keywords: • eyeroll
it's not coddling. now go to your closet
Keywords: • frustration
this isn't a game!
Keywords: • dutiful
those who can have the power will have the power
Keywords: • hurrying
you're going to wish you were never born
Keywords: • tearful
i don't sleep on a bag of bones
Keywords: • weakened
are you ready to be strong?
Keywords: • taken aback
gentleman of leisure? isn't that british for unemployed?
Keywords: • laughter
just me and mum and an excess of gifts
Keywords: • telltale
no more questions. you tell me what i need to know
Keywords: • watchful
i think i was in heaven
Keywords: • gazing
i feel like i'm not worthy of their love
Keywords: • optimistic
it's because that dress is radioactive
Keywords: • shy
my brain really isn't functioning on higher levels
Keywords: • resolve
you just have to be honest and no one gets hurt
Keywords: • damaged
when i stop, she's really gone
Keywords: • flyaway
i'm a sunnydale girl. no other choice.
Keywords: • chilled
you got it back. you got your soul back
Keywords: • studious
i am the ghost of fashion victims past
Keywords: • athletic
didn't anyone warn you about playing with pointy sticks?
Keywords: • challenging
how are you at death scenes?
Keywords: • uncertain
i wanna fit in this glittering world
Keywords: • frowning
because being a superhero is really realistic
Keywords: • unimpressed
where there's life, there's hope?
Keywords: • morose
and then i'm going to raise penguins in guam
Keywords: • mellow
life's a show and we all play a part
Keywords: • cold
my first instinct is always to run to angel
Keywords: • hunting
wish me monsters
Keywords: • upset
i'm not ready for you not to be here

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