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Current Pictures

Here are the userpics for [info]bitchy. Get notified when they upload a new one.
Keywords: i've got excellent resources.
Keywords: now what have we here?
Keywords: i'm so pleasant.
Keywords: you lookin' at me?
Keywords: here boy! here!
Keywords: see this face?
Keywords: that's my over the moon face.
Keywords: i don't believe you.
Keywords: are you sure?
Keywords: i like this!
Keywords: you're stupid. :D
Keywords: holier-than-thou. :D
Keywords: i've been watching you. :|
Keywords: that's so sweet! :D
Keywords: i'm onto you. ;D
Keywords: o rly now. :|
Keywords: you sly devil you! :)
Keywords: i need to think about it. :|
Keywords: are you being facetious?
Keywords: i know i'm the prettiest!
Keywords: blah blah blah.
Keywords: you're okay kid.
Keywords: i'm evil.
Keywords: no really. i'm pure evil.
Keywords: you wanna try me?
Keywords: look. this is serious.
Keywords: don't believe me?
Keywords: call me a cab.
Keywords: i know where you live.
Keywords: oh dear. how unexpected.
Keywords: aw shucks.
Keywords: everything's going my way!
Keywords: i don't know.
Keywords: do you like me?
Keywords: because i like you!
Keywords: if you don't just tell me.
Keywords: i won't care at all.
Keywords: slowly destroying your life.
Keywords: you think i'm innocent.
Keywords: i'm really a sweetheart.
Keywords: don't look at me!
Keywords: all sunshine and roses here.
Keywords: you've got to be kidding!
Keywords: hmm. don't know.
Keywords: this is my fake smile.
Keywords: a stern look of disapproval.
Keywords: come again?
Keywords: this feels like high school!
Keywords: really kind of a dork.
Keywords: lolol i'm mocking u!
Keywords: i'm busy.
Keywords: your keys are on the dryer.
Keywords: anything else to add?
Keywords: hi i'm your worst nightmare!
Keywords: whoa there! back off.
Keywords: want to hear a secret?
Keywords: these aren't my real breasts.
Keywords: amazing isn't it?
Keywords: and they look so real!
Keywords: oh i'm so in love with you.
Keywords: errrrr.
Keywords: tell me the truth.
Keywords: or i'll just hide over here instead?
Keywords: look me in the eye.
Keywords: and tell me you love me!
Keywords: oh baby.
Keywords: i can't get enough of you.
Keywords: this is my serious face.
Keywords: i'm inviting you in.
Keywords: all dressed up & nowhere to go.
Keywords: what's a pretty girl like me gonna do?
Keywords: gosh i think i need a saviour!
Keywords: are you looking at me?
Keywords: let's play a game!
Keywords: it's called: i don't care.
Keywords: think you can handle it?
Keywords: good! very good.
Keywords: i like the way you think.
Keywords: listen carefully.
Keywords: i hate you!
Keywords: omg drunk.
Keywords: sigh. you bore me.
Keywords: this could be a dilemma.
Keywords: not to worry! i'll muddle through!
Keywords: you're making me nervous.
Keywords: well you see...
Keywords: but on the other hand.
Keywords: shut up. shut up. shut up!
Keywords: not going to answer that.
Keywords: say what?
Keywords: uh. no?
Keywords: i'll need to think.
Keywords: oh you'd LOVE that.
Keywords: objection!
Keywords: i have a cunning plan...
Keywords: turn left! i said LEFT!
Keywords: tu es stupide.
Keywords: tu es vraiment stupide.
Keywords: i can't stand you.
Keywords: honestly. i love it!
Keywords: this is my happy face!
Keywords: god just shut up will you?
Keywords: you think you're so funny.
Keywords: well who's having the last laugh now?
Keywords: me! me me me!
Keywords: never thought of it like that before.
Keywords: uncomfortably close.
Keywords: what are you thinking?
Keywords: omg no wai! LOL!
Keywords: heh. yeah...awkward.
Keywords: oh i know i'm crazy.

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